Issue by One particular-O-A single: Testosterone and breasts – a depressing working day…Remember to Destroy ME :(?
Right now I Wished TO DIE 🙁 I went to a water park…and saw boys my age everywhere with out shirts just experiencing themselves and having entertaining. And there I was in 3 pairs of limited swimming togs covered by a shirt to cover the unsightly lumps on my upper body :'( im sorry, it broke my heart, and I felt very depressed once again! I couldnt appear at anyone, I couldnt stand becoming there following just following an hour. I was so paranoid and pressured…actually panicking and insecure. It was not enjoyable 🙁

IM Desperate TO GET RID OF MY BOOBS!!!! I WILL DO Everything! I nonetheless dont get testosterone, result in my mum and father are terrified that I will change my head (they dont realize that i cant change my thoughts, even if i wanna) However I am but to see an endocrinologist in a minor in excess of a thirty day period to hear his opinion on everything. Im 15, my mothers and fathers dont take me and getting FTM seriously. Sure they say they totally assistance and want me to be content when we discuss to my psychologist…but they often call me a lady, their daughter and she/her. They wont even use my desired identify (the one particular they KNOW Every person at school phone calls me)

I want the flatness a boy has 🙁 Im genuinely upset…how can i get breast most cancers? everything at all, I want them gone now! They arent as well massive, almost certainly an A…how significantly smaller do you feel taking testosterone at my age will lower them?

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Are you above fat? If you are then taking hormones would be a massive mistake. Why attempt and just get rid of that additional excess weight and they ought to go down. If that isn’t going to function you could always talk to your dad and mom/doctor about having the breast tissue (if that is what it truly is) eliminated surgically. It could not be breast tissue at all although and could basically be fat retailers.

Good luck. Chat to your mothers and fathers/medical doctor. Never rely on the world wide web for all the data.

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  1. rachelle_inhighheels on June 11, 2014 at 5:57 am said:

    Don’t go getting irrational as in wanting to get breast cancer to get rid of breasts… Do you think the cancer only STAYS within the breast area..;.? Do you not realize that it “travels” through your body…?
    Does you whole life revolve around going to a water park, etc..? Can’t you hang on for another 3 3 years or so, when you can make “legal” decisions for yourself, and have surgery, to “solve your (???) problem.”..
    Keep in mind you are still a minor and minors do tend to make some crazy decisions from time to time..
    As serious as you are about gender reassignment possibly, you can’t do too much at this juncture on your own..
    Rachelle In High Heels

  2. Clones Don't Have 100k Pts on June 11, 2014 at 6:11 am said:

    Kyle, do you belong to any online support forums? Talking with others in your same predicament can help keep you sane until you can move forward. click “transsexual talk” guys are on top.

    Another forum that also has a suicide/crisis chat room just for trans people is:

    Stay strong bud!

  3. Barrie on June 11, 2014 at 6:51 am said:

    Kyle, for you I realise that your concern is of such great importance. But you could take off your top and run amok amidst all those boys and become the sensation. Seriously, with what you have you can have all the boys you want without actually trying to compete by being one. Be rational. I don’t know how to tell you how but learn to appreciate what nature is giving you and try it on. I hope your psychologist will be a big help.

  4. Denver is a girl on June 11, 2014 at 7:26 am said:


    I’m sorry, *hugs*

  5. Shane aka Mr Dot on June 11, 2014 at 7:45 am said:

    All transmen have experienced these feelings and i don’t mean to be negative but boobs are the least of your problems, at least with boobs you can and will eventually get them removed. They are not a permanent problem.

    If you can’t handle that how do you think you will cope with taking testosterone and all the surgeries involved plus never having a working penis. Transitioning is extremely stressful, although it is the only available effective treatment for transsexualism. For the most part only others suffering with transsexualism will be the ones who will really support you or can relate to your pain.

    Theres nothing anyone here can say to make you feel better. I haven’t been swimming in over ten years (i’m 23) and i dont’t think i ever will be topless in public because my chest is so messed up from my previous two operations to remove breast tissue. I’m scarred all over my body through self harm and acne. There’s no way i would ever consider being topless in public, i can’t even be topless with a partner.

    My body is about as attraction as a dog taking a crap.

    Being a transsexual is hard, but you’re young and and you have a better chance at fixing your body. You need to start seeing a gender therapist and be prescribed testosterone at 16 and if you’re parents aren’t supportive then wait until you are 18 for hormones. The good news is that testosterone works very well to masculinise transsexual males and after a short time of treatment you will just look male and blend in.

    Being a transsexual isn’t fun, it isn’t easy but what choice do you have? There are people suffering with far worse conditions who can’t even walk let alone swim.

    I get that you want to be a normal boy, well you’re not and you never will be. Normal is over rated anyway.
    You can still be happy.

    .And as N said, you are lucky you are only an A cup, that is very small most transmen would have loved to have small breasts like that. It means binding will be easy for you.

    @Krazy: did you even read this question? it’s obvious Kyle is a transsexual male and is talking about female breast development. He mentions “ftm” and his parents referring to him as female. Seriously how did you go from that to thinking gynecomastia was the issue? Oh and “transsexuality” isn’t even a word.

  6. I bet they just feel wrong on your body.Wow,you are lucky they are an A cup not bigger like a C cup where you would be constantly aware of their presence even when fully clothed.I understand where you are coming from.You just have to be patient and jump through the hoops they set you to get the surgery.

  7. Krazy on June 11, 2014 at 9:01 am said:

    Gynecomastia has nothing to do with trans-sexuality. It is a purely physical condition, often caused by the steroids some weightlifters are encouraged to use. In other words, it is probably hormonal.
    Surgery can remove it for a while, but it comes back very soon and the scars remain, as does the financial loss.
    If you’re gay, remember that some men, not only the heteros, love to play with b00bs. So you may decide: if you’ve got them, flaunt them.
    An acquaintance of mine has the condition. They are as big as a nursing mother’s. He is a great big hefty guy who is working on an internet forum, which is not yet complete, but will one day soon be found under http://www.bustyblokes dot com.

  8. rugger on June 11, 2014 at 9:27 am said:

    Breast tissue will indeed decrease with the introduction of testosterone. The good news is, is that there are some over the counter testosterone boosters/ estrogen inhibitors out there. Right now, be sure to take an estrogen inhibitor, and AVOID soy products because those have plant-derived estrogens. Testosterone boosters will boost your natural testosterone levels, and will encourage your body to make more.
    May I email you later so I can give you the name of the one I am taking?
    Also, consult an herbalist so as to find natural testosterone boosting herbs you can take.
    You’re a brave boy… FTMs are the bravest men I know.

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