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Question by bubblewraps: Pores and skin therapy or house solutions to bring zits to the area of the pores and skin?
I have PCOS so I experience from zits. Occasionally my pores and skin gets to be clearer after I had my period, but the difficulty is that, even if it’s clear, there nonetheless are some trapped underneath the area. Sometimes I am tempted to squeeze them out but I never like the scar it leaves. Can you suggest some home remedies or above-the-counter items for this? I choose house solutions, although, since I am nevertheless a scholar and I are unable to pay for way too expensive things.

Any support would be drastically appreciated.

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Response by DoodleBeats
I also have PCOS and had pimples commencing pretty youthful. The breakouts are most likely because of to the hormone imbalance. I observed advancement with prescription drugs to decrease testosterone. When I could not manage the meds I utilised saw palmetto, but not positive if that aided too significantly. One solution I believe has absolutely assisted is salicylic acid at property chemical peels (they are not as bad as they sound). It is wonderful! Right after a couple of uses, there was visible improvement. I get mine on Amazon for all around $ eighteen, but it final a extended time and is really worth it.