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Query by treefingers53: Can a guy nonetheless have a regular sex existence with out testicles if he will take approved testosterone?
Naturally he couldn’t have children but if a man misplaced his testicles for a single cause or another could he even now have a regular sexual intercourse travel?

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Solution by robert y
As extended as his pipes are all connected.

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Query by Griffon: Whats the ideal normal therapy for adrenal insufficiency?
I am very a underweight 21 yr old male and have minimal entire body mass because of metabolic rate issues brought on by adrenal insufficiency.
What organic health supplements can i take that will restore adrenal glands to suitable perform.
P.S is normal licorice a good treatment method?

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Solution by Burden
Licorice can decrease testosterone which would not support the most. The Geranamine plant makes a chemical named DMAA or Methylhexaneamine which is a organic stimulant that raises adrenal performing. This is used in numerous human body developing products for its results. There are some pharmacies i’ve noticed marketing health supplements that contains it but you can also purchase a pure electrical power of DMAA on the internet for very low-cost about ten bucks for three grams and it is successful in doses as lower as 50 mg so that would have lots of uses quite low-cost. If you dont really feel comfortable managing a white powder however there are a lot of areas i have noticed offering the floor up plant alone in capsule sort or for teas.

Right here is a site that sells the pure powder and also points out a little bit about it

And listed here is a web site that sells the crushed up plant in capsules
http://www.predatornutrition.com/Body fat-Burners/Thermogenics/Geranium-90-Caps

Both must have the very same effects just the powder is less expensive and can be blended with beverages or put in capsules as properly.

Question by Gender Stu: Feminists: Is the following sensible action in women’s empowerment to administer regular testosterone injections?
This could give ladies the push to excel in the business and political worlds, reducing the variety of SAHMs and increasing those of woman CEOs and world leaders.  AND the treatment would improve their muscle mass mass, enabling them to defend on their own from the rape and domestic violence epidemics, maybe even to turn the tables on prospective rapists and abusers.

Would this be the most powerful approach to empowering females?

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Response by Jo
This is a practical choice. Even so, I imagine that as component of this treatment, they must be issued strap-ons. They want a d!ck and this would be cheaoer than reassignment medical procedures for all feminists.

Question by quickquestion: What kind of testosterone stage is standard for a 23 calendar year previous male?
I’m 23 several years outdated and experience exhaustion and decline of sexual wish. My amounts are 524 total testosterone an 69 free.. (I hope I did not get those quantities blended up) my medical doctor states that degree is “over and above” normal. I’ve identified guys who ended up precribed when their levels have been 490 which just isn’t considerably off.

Is that actually typical for a 23 year old male, and if it is not, how do I insist on recieving testosterone therapy?

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Answer by Clones Will not Have 200k Pts
Ordinarily I would say “request your medical professional”, but you never look to have faith in your physician? If so, see an additional 1.