Concern by Theo: do you have to be eighteen or more mature to get testosterone treatment in the us?
I am a sixteen 12 months-previous FTM transgender in Kentucky and i was wondering how previous do you have to be to be able to get testosterone treatment method? also, what is the whole procedure that sales opportunities up to that? and also, where is a good location to get it low cost?

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Response by James
Make sure you don’t go via with the treatment, it truly is anything that you cannot undo. If you happen to be going to go by means of with this, at the very least give help teams and religion a try initial. God bless.

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  1. no me on May 29, 2014 at 11:05 pm said:

    if you have your parents permission you can get it at 16

    you need a therapist to get you a letter and then you can get a doctor to prescribe it for you

    any pharmacty can fill the prescription for you, depending on the type they give you

    it comes in injections and in creams and gels that you put on your skin and in a few other ways

    Here is a list of gender therapists to see who can help you get started in working out the system

    A site to network Female to males

    A surgeons site

    Help in transitioning

    Binding Garment

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