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Question by napy3200@verizon.web: what level of testosterone is considered low for a 50 yr previous male which requires added testosterone?

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Solution by mpinstl
Testosterone in men should be between 300-a thousand ng/dL this is in comparison to the anticipated woman benefit of twenty-eighty ng/dL. It is typically accepted that the much more guys age the reduce the envisioned benefit is. Normally testosterone ranges (as decided by a straightforward blood check) are calculated initial thing in the morning – when the body’s levels are the maximum. As to what is regarded “too reduced” may be more dependent on what variety of signs and symptoms you are encountering. If your stage is two hundred ng/dL, but you are not encountering any sort of sick-getting then therapy could not be necessary. Only your doctor can establish when treatment method is necessary.

Question by Texmex: Does Abilify decrease testosterone in males?
I’m at the moment on 10 mg

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Response by Karamazov
have you observed all the warnings on the commercial? i believed it was a joke like the snl Is dependent adverts.

Question by Tammy k: my medical professional claims my unborn child has an xxy chromosone does anybody know what I can expect?
Right after possessing an aminocentis carried out the preliminary final results showed that my child has an xxy chromosone.Nothing much more has been informed to me (at the very least in a language I could understand). Has anybody else had this situation in the earlier and can aid reply inquiries about what I can anticipate from this being pregnant? I have three healthy youngsters now so I am entirely confused as to what to expect.
My medical professional attempted to explain it to me but I was far more puzzled when I acquired off the phone then when I started conversing to him.My medical professional did the amniocentis because of an E antigen now they locate the xxy chromosone.He couldn’t even inform me the sex of the infant,but from what I’ve been reading through I can rather significantly wager it was a boy,is this a safe guess?

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Reply by lilrindie
Check out this internet site out:

It can response all your concerns

Query by kabil1243: Which gentlemen are at danger of prostate most cancers?

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Reply by drr212345
rostate Cancer is very rare in guys underneath 50. The danger boosts soon after the age of 50 with half of all instances taking place in gentlemen over seventy five. Gentlemen from people with a historical past of prostate cancer are at increased threat than normal.

Refer : Keith Wharton, MD, health-related director at BodyLogicMD of Pittsburgh, discusses the diverse treatment selection…
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Concern by Mukabala: why are slender ladies more attractive?
you have noticed? It really is always that slender/slender women get horny very easily & their intercourse push is greater than typical girls.

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Response by Sana
I&#x27m sexy and not slender

Question by OhLawdyy.: I’m a feminine with high testosterone?
I am sixteen, hair on my arms, stomache thighs ect. I advised my mother I want to go to my doctor so I can get rid of some.testosterone, she said there’s nothin incorrect with it, I said self confidence is low.What pitfalls would there be for me to get estrogen capsules.. what are excellent issues in addition to getting rid.of the hair?

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Reply by Marie
Do the research on-line. Also see a skin doctor and check with with a laser hair removing technician. Review all the choices before you commence getting medication. Sometimes women will expand out of issues but for now there is also product bleach.

Question by Jack: What is testosterone replacement remedy for reduced Testosterone like?
After being identified with lower testosterone lately. My medical doctor said that due to the fact my pituitary gland was broken I’m struggling from hypogonadism and that my body would not be in a position to make it really is own Testosterone any longer. I had a vehicle crash 18 months in the past and experienced head trauma.
I want to get again to experience human once again? Any other young men here been set on to TRT? I am feeling really frightened that I will not truly feel regular at any time once again and I just are not able to stand sensation fatigued, no libido, dizzy and often operating on empty.

He has run all of the checks and claims that my only option is TRT due to the fact if I will not then I’m at threat of coronary heart disease and bone density.

I am seeking for an solution if possible uk primarily based as I am with the NHS program and I know that various protocols exist for treatment method. I really could do with reading through an individual elses experience of heading by way of this. Feeling rather low correct now.

I know that there are aspect effects to making use of the hormones but I require to balance it up, never want to really feel like this.

Any advice or personal experience welcomed.

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Response by Morris
Should you go on to TRT? That’s a private choice, but for me I could not stand experience so sick for so extended. I had place bodyweight on and just could not drop it. Getting tired all the time is actually no fun. I would make confident that you really are minimal in your possibilities by examining with your medical doctor or inquiring for a second impression 1st. There surely are aspect results from currently being on Testosterone alternative. These will appear about from not possessing your stages monitored or altered. Obtaining a sustanon 250 injection each 3 months truly is a rollercoaster for your human body. Possibly testogel is a better selection for you. I surely really feel a lot more ‘normal’ on this.

You are undoubtedly not by itself in this, you may possibly feel alone but some internet sites that can assist you via are. is a diary of someone identified with lower Testosterone which is a journal of the highs and lows of TRT. is a fantastic useful resource for anybody that has a pituitary condition which seems just like your situation. Certainly well worth visiting for tips have a extensive array of pertinent classes which go over hypogonadism and Lower T and pituitary issues.

You could also go through some human body builders suggestions community forums. These fellas know all there is to know about examining stages and if you require to get your blood test results evaluated a good area to start off.

I do hope that you get to really feel greater shortly and just bear in mind if undertaking TRT is your route in advance.. make certain you get the greatest tips. You should be warned that TRT is typically for existence.

Want you all the very best with your overall health.

Concern by Monica H: Concern about pimple treatment method?
Okay so i have two various sorts of pimple spot treatment options. One if Clearasil and 1 if from bath and entire body. So would it be all right to use the two of them at the very same time or will some thing bad come about? Many thanks

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Solution by Cleveland Browns Babe
i would not use tub and entire body
they set so many perfumes and substances into there goods it could irritate your skin a lot more
and even if you did the Clearasil suggests not to blend with other acne items
so just use the Clearasil

Question by Gayle C: I just take .five cc of testosterone to increase libido. How does this compare to steroids?
I have numerous of the facet effects of steroids (which I can stay with) but surprise how getting .five cc of testosterone every single 2 weeks compares with steroid use and is it detectable.

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Response by p_l_gray
Testosterone is a steroid.